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Motorcycles and endothermic engines

This is a leading sector for CENTAURO which can offer a wide range of products for motorcycles, racing vehicles, karts, customized engines with better performance, etc. All the related know-how is actually part of CENTAURO’s very DNA.Not only gaskets and complete kits, but also a priceless experience in the production and distribution of high quality spare parts like gaskets for air filters, engine oil parts, valve guide, bearings, steering bearings, muffler, graphite, fork oil parts, soundproofing material for silencers, special products for the racing industry with several different bores and shims, reinforced surface treatments to increase performance and much, much more.By partnering with leading global manufacturers and the very racing teams, we can produce gaskets with top quality performance and outstanding quality standards. For instance, we’re extremely good at manufacturing special gaskets for cylinder heads – the so called "multi-layered" ones, featuring  several layers of rubber and steel, with special reliefs and riveting to ensure and guarantee high degrees of tightness.


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