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The Company thrives thanks to a perfect blend of resourceful young employees and seasoned team members, thus profiting from a winning mix of enterprising and highly experienced attitudes. Therefore, CENTAURO S.R.L. operate sas a highly dynamic and efficient reality.

The very CENTAURO brand means reliability, while delivering innovation and groundbreaking quality. Offering this priceless values, we all strive to focus 100% on customer care and customer support, rather than merely offering a high quality product.

Nowadays CENTAURO S.R.L. features many important clients in more than 50 Countries worldwide, with a revenue of soma 4 million Euros.


In February, The Company gets the new quality certification UNI EN ISO9001:2015 (ISO 9001:2015)


During the most in-famous year of recent global crisis, CENTAURO S.r.l. boldly moved forward, investing more resources to build itself a brand new 70KW solar plant on the very roof of its facility, thus dramatically contributing to protecting our planet.


In this pivotal year, CENTAURO S.r.l. moved to a brand new facility in Agrate Brianza (Milan), thus expanding its production lines to some 2.000 sqm.


The precious craftmanship and experience of another small Italian company was implemented through the acquisition of Pressenda s.n.c. from Pordenone; thus CENTAURO S.r.l. could successfully launch the production of flat and preshaped membranes for the automotive sector (pressure adaptors). A dedicated aftermarket was then created for this very industrial sector.


The first official Internet site was launched.

The Company was certified with the ISO9001 Quality Management System and promptly implemented it in its very manufacturing and management processes and procedures. This achievement immediately boosted quality and effectiveness standards throughout the Company


Following an outstanding success, CENTAURO S.r.l. took over Javello, a small production facility in Milan, Italy. The precious know-how of the latter, as long as its machinery, raw material stocks and existing clients, were thus absorbed by CENTAURO S.r.l. in its brand new prodution facility in Agrate Brianza.


After a quick and quite dramatic growth, well-known CENTAURO S.r.l. decided to move to a much bigger facility, leaving Arcore (Milan) to Concorezzo (Milan). This offered the long-seeked chance of improving and expanding machinery and equipment.


Driven by the strong will to tackle bigger and bigger segments of the market, CENTAURO S.r.l. took over Fagim, a small production facility in Milan, Italy. The precious know-how and craftmanship of this company was thus absorbed and implemented in our bigger industrial reality.


Seeking a further improvement of its quality and reliability standards, CENTAURO changed its firm style from “s.n.c.” (“copartnership”)  to “S.r.l.” (“Limited liability company - Ltd.”).


Looking for new market sectors, CENTAURO invested more resources to create a special aftermarket dedicated to the agricultural sector.


CENTAURO massively invested to improve and strenghten its production for the motorcycle market; in particular, a special aftermarket for vintage motorcycles was thus created, answering the needs of many prospects.


CENTAURO s.n.c. was launched in July 1958 and started doing business in the very private residence of Mr. Rustici. One of the oldest and most successful gasket manufacturing companies was born. Arcore, near Milan, Italy, proved to be a strategic location for the company, offering quick and easy outreach possibilities toward very important clients like Piaggio and Gilera. CENTAURO soon became their main supplier, adopting its Greek mythology-based company name, inspired motorcycle riders and bikers alike.

The mythological creature’s shield was then replaced with a globe to symbolize the International character of the Company.




Centauro Srl – Via Euclide, 4 - 20864 Agrate Brianza (MB) - ITALY
VAT Number 00706060969 - C.F. 01197310152
Corporation Stock €100.000 I.V. - R.S.Trib.Monza 29099 - C.C.I.A.A.Milano 522973